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Wow, I haven't touched up this site in over a year. Got caught up in real life stuff over the last year and just put the throught of updating things into the back of my mind. I'll probably put some actual real effort into updating this place with some stuff, will probably record some self-development things to keep myself accountable to some of the decade resolutions I have made an effort to start (learning jap, drawing skills, career goals etc.), which should provide some good stuff. Might also get onto writing some non-achedemic essays that have been on the backburner for ages. Here's to hopefully a great start to the new decade! :)


So I finally got this site fully running with autosite, which is quite a relief seeing as the alternative is editing about 10 individual sidebar templates whenever I add a new page. This should give me more incentive to start updating this place again, mabe put a bit more effort into uploading some good content.